Accordion-concertina Repair & Technicians' School

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  If traveling from a distance, calling in advance is recommended ! 
   ( 715-395-2787 [ARTS] )  

Harrington ARTS Center
- 1401 Belknap Street, Superior, WI  54880 presents...

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The Hanni Strahl Concert Hall... "Dedicated to Remembering the Old World in the New"

We proudly acknowledge the patronage of Helen and Theo Miller in this Concert series.

Finding A Treasure (PDF)    

The Technician's Masterpiece (PDF)

 * Courses & seminars leading to certification are offered periodically... (click here for more info - PDF file)

Accordion-concertina Repair and Techniciansí School

This is the only program in the USA that leads to "Certification" in this specialty profession

"Apprentice" programs available

Curriculum: College-level studies at total-proficiency standard

Certification: "Accordion-Family Instruments Repair Technician Specialist"

Schedules: * Write for Student Handbook and further information

* Month-long seminars individually scheduled

ARTS Repair Shop * Actual shop experience


Shop Procedures * Useful/necessary tools and machines for your shop

Parts Available * Replacement parts from around the world and many eras of accordion


ARTS Files * Procedure sheets and study guides

Lists of Certified Repair Technicians

Community Service * Live-workshop presentations for selected events

Donations are welcome:

Instruments and Parts


Contact info

E-mail:  or (emails usually checked weekly)

Phone: (715) 395-ARTS (2787) in Superior, WI

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